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Lists of Classic and Social Vehicle Clubs in Spain.

The following list is as at June 2007 according to their information supplied.  If any one finds that details have changed, please send me an E-mail so I can update this list.

Note Currently and always being updated.  Last update 7 July 2008(Arquaxia Car Club details)



Address (Club meetings)



Sol Classic Car Club

El "Hoyo 19" Venta, Camino de Coin, Km. 13 A7053, (was A6108) from Fuengirola to Coin, Malaga.                         First Tuesday each month at 19H30

Ian Giles, Chairman.                Tel. 620-180-682

The Sol Classic Car Club was started in 2004 by a band of local English-speaking enthusiasts (expats) and the first meeting place was in "Streets of London" restaurant and pub in La Cala de Mijas, near Fuengirola.   The owner, Nick ??? was a major supporter and has since been made a life-time member and honorary vice-president for his efforts.    The current Chairman is Ian Giles, a motoring journalist.  The club organises at least one run a month, often two, with different venues the journeys to which are through the picturesque countryside for which  Andalucia is famous.   Like most of the historic car clubs, you do not have to own an old car or motorcycle, just have an interest and enthusiasm for them and the enlightened company of like-minded people.  Due to the club membership expanding beyond the size of the Streets of London's facilities, El Hoyo 19 Restaurant and Bar (in English, the 19th Hole - near the golf course) is now the venue with space in one room for up to 90 people but phone to confirm.   Normally the meetings have about 50 to 60 members there


Arquaxia Car Club

This club caters for all car enthusiasts, not just classics.  Several members have Ford Cobra replicas and having attended a meeting there, they are very friendly with no restrictions on freedom of speech as long as you do npt swear.

 Boothill Saloon, Chiringuito Antonio's. Puente Don Manuel, near ???


The Arquaxia Car Club


Clasicos Balcon de Europa

Meetings near Nerja, Malaga ????

Mauricio Yeo, President.                  Tel. (H) 952 52 16 36:                     Mov. 658-926-509

The Clasicos Balcon de Europa Club was formed ????.  Its President, Mauricio Yeo is fluent in English as well as Spanish so English-speaking potential members in the Nerja area need have no fears of joining and being sidelined while they learn Spanish.  The enthusiasm transcends any language boundary.

Antique Car Club of Cataluña.

Vía Augusta 182. Planta A. 08021 BARCELONA


 Tel. 932 09 55 23

 Fax (?) 932

Alicante Province Torrevieja

Torrevieja Classic and Specialist Car Club

See web-site at

Derek Fletcher.  Email:

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