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It is important, specially if you wish to have your vehicle registered by the selected club, that it the club is legally registered.   All clubs in Spain, especially those who collect money from members in any form, e.g. subscriptions, must be registered as follows (legal advice below as from from our lawyer):

In Spain all companies must be registered at the Companies house and register their accounts as well.
Regarding their obligations with Treasury all companies have an Identification Number and have to lodge their taxes each year.
If the private social club is either merely an association without any profit interest, or a sport club, in both cases there is a public register (depending on the local Justice Department) where these kind of entities are registered.
The system is very similar to that of companies and each year all associations and clubs have to register their accounts in the administrative body mentioned.
With regard to their obligations with the Treasury all associations and Sports Clubs have to fulfil any taxes as in the case of the companies.  Obviously, if the club is non-profit, the statement of accounts will reflect this.

The first point when you join such a club is to ask for the registration number or look for it on the club's correspondence.


The other benefits also are that, especially in the case where subscriptions or fees are collected, all club members can be issued annually with a statement of accounts detailing where the subscribed or collected cash has been spent, and the benefit to all is that this should eliminate any accusations of profiteering by the club committee, etc.

The club should also have a detailed "mission statement" advising the purpose of the club, and a list of rules that members should abide by to avoid possible problems where personal conflicts occur.


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