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June 14th 2007


 Recently I reported that the EU is proposing to use the satellite GPS system to effect road pricing etc. initially in the UK, but it was expected to be technically possible throughout the EU.  This is where a “black box” would be fitted in every vehicle (at the owner’s expense) and the owner billed periodically for the distances travelled during the preceding set period.  Well, it appears that the EU has a major problem where unless the proposed EU Constitution is accepted by all countries, it cannot legally be initiated. 


Also, as reported the project, like all government run and sponsored projects, it is running well over budget and the UK has already spent nearly 500 million to date.  To cover the out of control costs it has now been proposed that there be an additional tax leviedon all GPS devices sold in the EU.  That is not just the car devices but all the hand held ones as well.  The current GPS activation used is from the US/NASA satellite system which is free.  The EU politicians expected to pay for the system by road-charging (as proposed in the UK), charging all civil aircraft that entered EU airspace and to sell missiles and other hardware to China which would use the Galileo set/up. The vehicle charging would have been possible unless civil disobedience by most motorists caused it to be cancelled, and we can imagine especially the American airlines that use the free NASA system happily paying for the non-use of Galileo. Apparently the Chinese have already been made full partners in Galileo and have walked off with the technology and are setting up their own satellite system.   And the Galileo funding schemes have just about fallen apart now which explains the lack of cash to complete the system, the road charging systems are being discovered to be technically unworkable at this time, and the commercial companies actually installing Galileo have pulled out at this time due to no pay.  

As the EU proposed Constitution is not in place yet (it has been rejected by two countries and would probably be as well by the UK if a national referendum is used), the EU therefore has no mandate from all the EU countries to actually establish Galileo.  So once again, it looks as though the politicians, the unelected ones in Brussels this time, have been sailing the EU ship without an experienced and efficient navigator.  At this time, it looks as though the UK may have to write off the 500 million.  I wonder how much council taxes that would pay and for how many years?      Or increased pensions for those who made Britain great before it arrived in its present unhappy state?  That is why all of us must be very careful about accepting the “proposed treaty changes” that means that the current rejected by some Constitution will be established in another name.  TRUST NOBODY!


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