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Ford Focus For Sale

FOR SALE. 2008 (September) Ford Focus TDCI Diesel Focus, 1, 8 litres, 115 bhp, TITANIUM Specification.

Mileage 77 000 Km (less than 48 000 miles).  Nicely run in.

Colour, bright red (Rojo Vulcano): 5-door Berlina (large rear door) bodywork, with usual extras as below.

Sports seats with adjustable lumbar (back) control. Very comfortable.

Bluetooth mobile-phone, hands-free Bluetooth connection (Ford Audio).

Cruise speed-control with variable speed settings.

Radio/CD controls on steering wheel.

Adjustable for height and reach steering wheel.

Travel computer with ESP, ABS etc. selectable.

Bi-Zone automatic air-conditioning system.

5-speed manual transmission. Clutch perfect. I have sold cars (including Focuses) we bought new with 150 000 to 220 000 Km on the clocks with perfect clutches.

SONY Multi-Speaker front/rear radio/CD system.

Voice operated calling for mobile phone and radio/CD track change use. No need to press any buttons.

205/55Vx16 alloy wheels and tyres.  Spare is a mini-type, never used. Tyres in excellent, as new condition.

Reversing buzzer to warn of obstructions.

Glove compartment air-conditioned to keep drinks cool in summer.

“Easy Fuel Filler”. No mistakes with wrong fuel nozzle when filling.

All brake-pads just renewed at Ford agency: 75K (80 000 Km) service just done, new brake fluid totally changed.

NEVER BEEN SMOKED IN. We are life-long non-smokers so the interior is “sweet smelling”.

First ITV not due until September 2012. It is also insured until then. Possibility to include transfer of remainder of cover.

Road tax here (Manilva, Malaga) of €72 per year. Included with sale for 2012

Transfer administration costs included. Done for you.

Engine uses no oil between oil changes every 20 000 Km or one year.


Reason for sale, we have just bought another new Focus. The new one is the third new Focus we have owned in ten years and it is obvious that we are very happy with the performance, reliability, fuel consumption, handling and comfort as well as the low running costs of the Focus range.

This Focus is in as new condition and runs very well with an average fuel consumption driving normally but at the maximum legal speed limits, of 6, 1 l/100 Km (over 45 mpg). It also drives very well with plenty of engine power, 115 bhp.

We are open to reasonable offers. The book value for this model, year and specifications is nearly €12 000. It has been used privately and has not been a hire car, etc. We are retired so it has been used as a private car.

The car is near Manilva, Malaga, and can be brought to you within a reasonable distance to view.

Tel Brian or Beverley, Home Tel. 951 27 6568 or Mov. 666 888 870.



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