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FOR SALE. 9/2008 Ford Focus. Trend model to Titanium specification, 1, 8 litre diesel, 115 bhp.

Owned and used by retired couple. Manual gears.

Four doors, hatchback.

Usual extras including acclimatizer air-con, non-smoker’s car (never been smoked in), serviced only by Ford Agents, just had a 70 000 Km service, all brake- pads renewed, runs perfectly, nearly 75 000Km on the clock. 

Reason for sale, buying new car (Ford Focus), delivery November or sooner.

Parking warning assist buzzers, rear.   Colour bright red. (Rojo Vulcano).

ITV, next due September 2012.  Runs extremely well and main reason for selling is to buy an automatic Focus for my wife to share driving.

Annual local road tax, €72.

Asking price, €11 750 or near offer.  Car is located near Sabanillas but will drive to show a genuinely interested buyer.


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