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Motoring in Spain.  December 2009 Update Page.

The current charges, Dec.2009 > for an ITV for a Spanish plated vehicle specifically turismos or cars are listed below.



Petrol Cars

Diesel Cars


 35, 45

 40, 14


 35, 24

 43, 10


 27, 30

 27, 30


 32, 50

 46, 20


 45, 48

 51, 01


 38, 45

 43, 20

 Castilla La Mancha

 36, 22

 45, 18

 Castilla y Leon

 49, 35

 59, 02


 33, 67

 41, 13

 Pais Vasco

 41, 45

 41, 45


 28, 42

 28, 42



 36, 25

 43, 35


 36, 13

 50, 83


 34, 88

 46, 95


 29, 95

 29, 95

 La Rioja

 31, 36

 39, 68


 50, 04

 64, 11

 Most expensive.


 41, 92

 49, 08


 32, 54

 37, 01


Road rage, more of it from expats.


I mentioned recently about an incident where a “thug”, well he looked like a thug with a shaven head and a dark scowl on his face, stopped me near where we live after following our car for some ½ kilometre in a residential area while I was travelling at 40 kph, a safe speed on the wide road with all the occasional children, parked cars and domestic animals around, with this person driving about ½ meter away from our car’s rear end.  Although I pulled over without slowing for obvious reasons for he could have rear-ended us, (he might have been drunk, who knows?) but he would not overtake but insisted on bullying us to go faster which I would not do for the right reasons.  When the road widened he quickly overtook and pulled in front of us and got out of his old 3-Series BMW and strode back with a grim look on his face, saying,” Why were you going so slow?  I have a very sick dog I need to get the vet.”   He was a Brit expat., no doubt about that and perhaps used to the road rage in Britain.


I looked in his car to see a happy looking medium sized dog sitting in the front passenger seat looking out the front windscreen (the driver was breaking the law, of course, as it should have been securely restrained and in fact the offence normally attracts a €90 fine).  Of course there is nothing you can say or do to such unhappy people so I merely said that as the dog was obviously very sick, he had better hurry before it dies.   He strode back to his car and drove off after the insults I am getting used to now that are causing me to understand why discrimination in Britain appears to be a big offence now.  In other words, he referred to my age, say no more except these clowns are welcome to come to the local professional race-track and in the same car (or motorcycle as I used to race them successfully), against the clock so we have the same speed/car advantages, we can then see who is the old “----“.


Now blow me, three weeks or so later, I am following another expat in a car with a strange registration that I later saw had a Welsh flag in the rear window, but no “GB” sticker as it should have as it did not have EU plates.  As I was at all not close to his rear end, I was a little perturbed as he drove slower and slower. Eventually as he came almost to a stop, I signalled and went to pass him but he started forward again across the road to block my path; so I stopped.  Again a different “shaven headed” thug (apologies to those bereft of hair, no offence meant), strode back as I wound down my window.  Now, being 72 years of age I tend to avoid any violence unless actually attacked and I have to then defend myself  (it has happened here with a drunken Brit expat. who then ended up in Court as Spanish witnesses phoned the police and then came forward in my defence as witnesses, one in Court, and he then had to pay me damages as well as earn himself a criminal record and he never did say why he attacked me on the beach), and this new clown stopped when he saw my mop of white hair and as I said to him, I will get out of the car if you wish to hit me, but remember that in Spain, hitting older people especially those over 70 years of age usually earns a good long jail sentence.” Obviously I had no intention of letting him hit me.  My wife, who was not with me, would have searched him out and “killed him” later.  So he stopped and then with usual lack of vocabulary from such people, words no gentleman would use poured from his mouth, and I then calmed him down and said, “What is the problem?”


  He said that the speed limit is 20, (no mph or kph but I guess on reflection that he meant 20 mph, or 12 kph) so I advised him that it was 50 kph maximum. The street was much wider than 6-1/2 metres, the width that with that or less is automatically deemed to be a narrow road with restrictions, and had pedestrian pavements on both sides so in the absence of any signs to the contrary the limit is automatically 50 kph.   He obviously only listened to the “50” and thought of mph as he raised himself up in an obvious rage and argued on that point: the poor man who did not seem to know that the speeds are measured in kph in Spain.  Anyway he realised that he was not going to get anywhere with me especially as he would not listen to my words of wisdom given in words of more than one syllable so he climbed back into his new VW Passat and then I followed him until he turned into a property on the same road, no doubt to sink a few more beers. 


I then realised that probably he had a bee in his bonnet about speeders in “his” road and so was a self-appointed vigilante, attacking all drivers who did not stay below a very slow speed.  As I always keep to 40 kph in 3rd gear both ways in this road I use daily, I was upset that this thug had had the temerity to stop a member of the public who was not breaking any laws and threaten them with violence, actual or implied. It is an offence in most countries and certainly in Spain. No doubt there are drivers who race up and down this little used road but his method should be to complain to the local police who can set up a speed-trap and as someone who hates reckless drivers, I would support that move.  But to stop and threaten drivers is not the way to maintain law and order and it could end up with him meeting someone who can get the better of him, putting him in hospital as he really deserves with such actions, but my experience of life suggests that he is a very unhappy man and the attitude betrays this as a fact.

I just hope that these two individuals read this and realise the error of their ways but I would not hold my breath on it.   

I wish you all a prosperous 2010.  There should be an election in Blighty this year so the change of government needed will start Britain back on the path to sanity away from PC and stupid attitudes by those who would continue with the ruination of the British way of life.  If you can vote there, make sure it is not wasted please for sakes of all our children.


I wish all readers a happy and prosperous 2010 and stay safe.  Crime and bad attitudes are increasing terribly.




I am cursing about the loss of our laptop, an ACER 8320 series (18+ inch screen etc) desktop replacement model that was given to a dealer for software work and then, along with other clients machines, was stolen from his vehicle in broad daylight while it was parked in Marbella, Malaga.  Now the fact that it had personal information on it is bad enough but the next problem was that it would appear that the the dealer, a well established company, also did not have any insurance for he asked me if I could claim for the replacement from my insurance policy, saying (if it can be believed) that the other clients were doing just that.

Now apart from the fact that I could not claim without making a false statement, it was not covered as it was in the safe keeping of a professional (company).  It has been 7-weeks since the theft and I am at the stage of going to a lawyer, one who has already advised that the company is indeed responsible for replacing the laptop with no undue delays.  I realise that the owner of the company knows this and has offered me machines from E-Bay and imported ones from the USA (probably used), but these are refused for they are of unknown quality and condition as well as not having Spanish keyboards.  With the software non-pirated, the total cost of the laptop now a year old but only having been used for about 30 hours when we go away from home as we have a desktop for most of the work.  It cost in all  2.000 so I am more than a little upset that the dealer is stalling with a suitable replacement, especially as the new ones now, as happens with many computers, are a little over half-price new now. But it has to be the same model or later in that range as I have bought other accessories especially for that model so another make will not do.  Also it has a Blue-Ray drive.

Why write this here?  Readers please be very energetic about stopping theft from or of your vehicles as there are many without income or those drug addicts needing cash for a fix.  Let us not allow them to steal what we have worked hard for and if you hand in your property for repair make sure that it is covered adequately in case of theft or damage.  It is easier to do it before than fight afterwards.  If you are not givn a receipt, write one up with the machine details on it and the agreement that they are responsible for the machine while it is in their care.


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