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February 2007 Update page

Scooters and Mopeds, New ITV testing.

As announced previously, from October this year, all mopeds and scooters with engines up to 49 cc, and vehicles with low power-to-weight specification as detailed in the book licensing section, will have to be submitted for an ITV.  They can be recognised on the road by their much smaller registration plates, and until now, have never been considered as motor vehicles.  More like powered bicycles, etc.  They are called "ciclomotores".

The new testing periods are:

First registration dates

Dates to be tested

For those first registered before 2002

Between October 1st 2007 to July 31 2008

Those first registered from January 1st 2002 to July 1st 2005

From August 1st 2008 and May 31 2009

 From August 1st 2005 and May 31st 2006,

 From June 1st to September 30th 2009

The list of ITV stations can be found on the Trafico web-site at:

Motorcycles have had to take ITVs as long as all motor vehicles as listed in the book, remembering that commercial and  rental machines have different first time periods as noted in the book.

The Royal Decree covering this is REAL DECRETO 711/2006, de 9 de junio.





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