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Update - February 2008


This is a warning that has been advised in the past, so it really is a reminder.  When you rent a car, you must always check it thoroughly for condition, including for any marks or blemishes on the paintwork, as well as dents and tyres that are worn below the limit which in Spain is 1, 6 mm all around the reads.   If it is the rainy time of year, the tread depth should be more like 2, 5 to 3 mm minimum.

But one important action is to get the car checked when you return it and have your rental contract copy signed by the person accepting it.   There have been reports where renters have returned car, had them checked and not bothered receiving any receipt for the acceptable condition of the vehicle.   Then a few weeks later they notice an entry on their credit card for several hundreds of Euros for repairs that have been billed by the rental company concerned.  This is especially important if you are asked to leave the car some way from the receiving office.  Insist on a clerk going to the car with you, or, if he/she cannot, signing the form anyway as "accepted in good condition". 

It can be a real problem getting the payment reversed, as well as possibly causing unnecessary interest payments on the credit card account.



 To the purchaser/reader of Motoring in Spain, Third Edition.

 A note from Brian Deller, the author/publisher.

 8th  February 2008.

 I have just seen (last night) that Trafico has made major alterations to their web-site and in fact is still doing do as I write this.  As the Third Edition was printed in November 2007 and no advance advice was given, some of the Trafico web-site addresses to get directly to forms and other information in the book are now incorrect.  Before the end of this month, when the changes are finally settled, I will have on my web-site a list of the new addresses that you may either print out and insert in the book, or write alongside the old addresses.  Please remember that there are regular updates and other items of news in my web-site, and I believe that my book is the only one of its kind (info on Spain in English) that is updated in this manner until the next edition is published. 

Thank you for buying the book and if you have any queries, my E-mail is (as in the book as well) and the telephone number is 666-888-870.   As I get a lot of SPAM every day, please write “MOTORING QUERY” in the E-mail subject line as it helps me to spot it.



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