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Valuing your car. 

While only an inspection by a prospective buyer will determine an actual price you can receive for the vehicle you wish to sell, you can obtain a professional valuation in this web-site linked below in Spain.  It is in English as well so if your Spanish is not so hot, you can understand the workings.  Click on link:



New address for Trafico forms (again). 

As Motoring in Spain book-owners and others will know, Trafico makes it easy to obtain blank forms by going to their web-site and downloading the required form, even typing in the information before doing so and printing it out ready to sign and send to Trafico. 

The forms are in Adobe .pdf format so you will need Adobe Reader to do so, but this software  is common and free to download. 

But once again Trafico has altered its web site ( and messed up the book's (Third Edition) advised address links for downloading the blank forms (TASAs or rates) needed to carry out the various Trafico administration actions.  This time, they have made it quite difficult to locate the new pages but here is the new address for vehicles,  Click it to go to the page:

Thanks to reader (and owner of a Third Edition)  Mr. Barnes for pointing it out.   And dear readers, this is what this web-site is here for to keep the information up to date to save you having to buy a new book every year as with many of the other info books on Spain.


Do not forget to fit tyre snow-chains when you go out on the roads.   Oh, wait a minute that is in Blighty isn't it?    Seriously, have you noticed that none of the vehicles shown on Sky TV and in the British Press have such sensible items fitted as they slide off roads into ditches, or are pushed by people on ice with drive wheels spinning madly?

Here in Spain we can get fined for driving without them when they are needed and the motor accessory shops have them in stock but check if your car has light alloy wheels as some will not accept them.  

What has happened to good old Blighty now?  Are the increasingly brainwashed (by a failed socialist/Marxist inclined government?) drivers waiting to be told what they must do every day?   We never had this problem when I was young 50+ years ago, and we always cleaned off the paths, local roads and drive-ways around our houses with no fear of being sued by opportunist fools.  It was a social event by neighbours who were capable of wielding a shovel with the old and infirm also benefiting.

Roll on the general election there.  We are due for some surprises I think.


Zero Tolerance and your vehicle's speeds.

In ?? I reported on the new zero tolerance methods that Trafico has announced will be introduced soon on Spains' roads.  It is  where even going 1 kph over the posted limit means a fine and if applicable, loss of penalty points.

Since then I have mentioned in my newspaper columns and on the monthly radio spot on the Hannah Murray Show on Talk Radio Europe that the speedometers in most vehicles are inaccurate at speeds over 80 kph or 30 mph, and the old car magazines used to show this in their road tests.  Some here in Spain still do with the new models and nothing has changed.  Variations in tyre rolling circumference and wear rates cause the inaccuracies as the recording devices in vehicles are linear, not variable to allow for the tyre variations.

I carried out such a test with a very accurate stop watch and using the kilometre markers on an empty autovia (safety) I recorded the following results.

 Speedo reading in Ford Focus car

 Actual speed as recorded by stop watch

 Inaccuracy  %-age.




100 kph


 - 4,5%

 110 kph

 105 kph

 - 5%

 120 kph

 114 kph

 130 kph


 140 kph


What this means is that although your speedo may be showing 120 kph, you will actually be doing 114 kph if your readings are the same as our car's.  How to check the readings is in the book and has been since the First Edition.  If you know you are only doing 115 kph at an indicated 120 kph, it means that you have a large margin of error so that when driving at 120 kph, the speed cameras should not take your picture.  Knowing the lower speed errors will give the same reassurance.  I have not heard of any standard cars giving the opposite results where the speed is higher than indicated at say 100 kph.

Remember, like all governments now, the Spanish Govt. is desperate for income as due to the crisis, tax receipts have fallen dramatically and I would imagine that government employees' jobs are more "sacred" than for the rest of us.


No longer a need to carry spare lighting bulbs.

Due to ten complexity of many modern vehicles assemblies, Trafico has announced that it is no longer necessary to carry spare lamp bulbs in case one fails while you are out driving at night.  Especially with the Xenon headlight type, which requires a skilled mechanic to fit it, most models of vehicles need a tool of some sort, say in our car's case, a special but easy to obtain inexpensive screwdriver but it is considered beyond the scope of the average driver to be able to change a bulb.  Having had a new Ford Focus in 2001, and in 150.000 km only had one (halogen) headlamp bulb blow, they are much more reliable than the old tungsten types (6 volts) of my youth.  Being adept with mechanical things it has always been fairly easy to change such items and I will still carry the tool needed to change (rear light clusters)  at the roadside but halogen types must be absolutely clean of even the natural oils on our fingers and the glass needs cleaning with usually methylated spirits to avoid  early failures.

But drivers should not think that this gives us all a licence to drive around with failed lamps.  They should still be checked regularly by a friend watching while the driver operates all of them in turn.




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