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Update - March 2008


Trafico has had a major update of their web-site. 

4 March 2008.

Trafico has had a major upgrade to the web site which means that the path to get to the forms as on page 142 in the new book is now incorrect.  But that is what this web site is about; to keep you up to date and make life easier.

The new path is (click):

If you have problems using this direct path, go to the line "Jefatura Virtual" in the main page and then "Modelos y Impresos", then  select the form you need as explained in English in the book on page 142.  The form reference numbers have not changed.

I will be checking other references and will update here as necessary.


It brought tears to my eyes.

No, I am not talking about riding a fast motorcycle in the wind with no eye protection.  I have just received today, Thursday 3th March 2008 the following email from a Mr. Trevor Gould who funnily enough lives about 30 minutes away from where I live, but I have never met him.   Hand on heart!  The email is reproduced below except for privacy reasons, the telephone numbers and his address.  If anyone wants to check with him, please email me and I will send your email on to Mr. Gould.


From: trevor gould

Date: 13/03/2008 15:33:03


Subject: Motoring in Spain


Dear Mr Deller,
                   This is a letter of genuine appreciation for the book you have produced on driving in Spain. If ever there was a case of the right man in the right place at the right time doing the right thing - you are he!
                    My wife and I moved here in June 2004. I'm 71 years old. I had never driven on the right in my life and was very nervous. My only experience of driving overseas was regular visits to South Africa in the '90s (very enjoyable!). Early on I found edition 1 of your book and it was a godsend. It seemed sensible to buy edition 2 and last week I bought edition 3 - I'm pleased to say.
I chose to switch to a Spanish licence in 2004 to drive my newly purchased Spanish registered car. It said my renewal date was 05.05.2008. I assumed that when the renewal notice arrived it would invite me to take my (first) medical as it would have been at 70 years in the UK. It wasn't until I read your latest edition, and received my 'Aviso', that I realised that these are separate activities here - and that I may have been driving illegally.

I nipped out today to put things right.   The Medical Centre I chose here in Benalmadena was very helpful and whisked me through in about 15 minutes.     And I'm pleased to say charged me only 20.
Thanks for making life so much easier!
Trevor Gould, Arroyo de la Miel 29631, (MALAGA)


Thank you Mr Gould.  Although I occasionally receive a thank-you from readers, none have been as enthusiastic as yours.  It makes the hours spent preparing the book much more worth-while.  Glad to have been of a worthwhile service.

Brian Deller, Marbella:  If anyone wishes to check that this reference is factual, please send me an email and I will pass it to Mr. Gould.  This is done to protect his privacy.     My email address:

Readers, please note.  As I have noted in the book and various articles and broadcasts, some of the Centros de Reconocimientos de Conductores (the clinics where you take the medicals for the driving licences, pages 144-146 in the book, Third Edition), many tend to overcharge for the service when they hear the language spoken by you.   Please be warned and argue if you are asked for30 plus : ask to see the printed tariff.  Us expats are not the wealthy people some of the Spanish seem to think we are, especially with the recent devaluation of the Pound Sterling against the Euro.

Keep safe out there and TRUST NOBODY.


Please note, I have been unwell lately and out of action but I am on the mend and should be 100% again in about a week or so.    Beginning to feel my age - 70 years on the 14th February.



(Impuestos Municipal Sobre Vehiculos de Traccion Mecanica or the IVTM for short.)

 This as described in more detail in the book on pages 149 to 152, are now due from, in our area the dates differ slightly for different ayuntamientos, with payments due in Malaga Province from the 17th March until the 17th of May 2008.  Pay within that period and there are no penalties imposed. After that, percentage penalties are added to the tax fee and if you get stopped, you can be given a fine.    The actual charges are listed for Malaga province in the government web-site at.  (cut and paste)

I am sorry I do not know the web-sites for other provinces. 

 If anyone knows, please let me know and I will add the addresses in this web-site to help others.

Once in the Home Page, select IVTM, then your ayuntamiento (local council) name in the drop down menu.  The fiscal horse power rating is on your Tarjeta Inspeccion de Vehiculos that came with the vehicle.   

The book explains the details on pages 149 >.    

Note you can also check other local taxes in this web-site, if applicable and if the private details, by using a Certificado de Usuario as described in the book on pages 246 to 249.  It is free but you need to go through the simple procedure to get it it over the Internet as in the book.

Make sure that the address on the Permiso de Circulacion is your current one.  It costs nothing to have it changed at Trafico as described in the book,  but you need it if you are paying the above tax for the first time yourself so the ayuntamiento's records can be changed.   If it is for another ayuntamiento, they will refuse payment as it must be made to the address/ayuntamiento on the Permiso de Circulacion.


ITV- Booking an appointment by phone.

There is a central  telephone number where you can book by phone for an appointment for a test  at your nearest ITV test station.  The number is: 902 575 757.

However, the full list of the ITV stations with addresses and phone numbers is in the Trafico web-site.

In both cases you will need to be fluent in Spanish.  If not, it may be a good time to make friends with someone who is.




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