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Motoring in Spain.

 Update Page - SEPTEMBER 2005


The Trafico web site, like the excellent DLVA site in the UK, has a wealth of information: all in Spanish of course, but even if you do not speak Spanish, with a dictionary you can work out what you need to know for many needs.

For example, the addresses, phone numbers and open times for all the Traficos in Spain may be located at this web address.

You will see a map of Spain.  Just click on the Province where you need to know the address.

As noted on each address, the cash desks for just about all the Traficos close some 30 minutes before the office does, so if you are late arriving, you could have a wasted journey



For those who intend to drive outside of the EU, and have a Spanish driving licence, it is an easy matter to get the needed International Driving Licence one from Trafico.    And it is relatively cheap; only 8,60.   Take all your documents to Trafico, complete the TASA form 2.3, "Conduccion Diverso" which can be downloaded from the Trafico web site, and join the queues.    You must write under the heading "Motivo", "Permiso Internacional de Conduccion".

You will need: -

  1. A good photocopy of your residencia or NIE.

  2. A good photocopy of your Spanish Driving Licence - permiso de conduccion.

  3. Two colour passport photographs the same size as your driving licence ones (plain white backgrounds).  Get film ones: not printed on a computer inkjet.

  4. Post-office giro cheque for Eur 8,60

  5. An SAE for the return to you of the IDL.

Readers Brian & Jean Simpson sent me this information having just done it at the Alicante Trafico, although they reported a total of two hours waiting. 

 As noted last month, if you are going in your vehicle, do not forget that you will also need a standard (old type) white sticker with "E" on it as the country identification on the EU number plate  is not valid in most non-EU countries.

There is a lot of general information on IDLs in this web site.  (Click) IDLs

Thanks to Brian & Jean Simpson.


 Spain to Force Car parks to implement fair charges. 12 Sept. '05.

The practice by owners of car parks, and also mobile phone companies, of "rounding up" charges is being targeted by the government with a new Law to be introduced in the Spanish parliament.  For example, most car parks charge for an hour or part of an hour, so someone who parks for 1 hour and one minute, ends up paying for two hours.  The Spanish government estimates that this costs the consumers perhaps a billion Euros extra per year, and has the side effect that owners are hesitant to use the car parks for short stays.


 Lost your UK Licence?  26 Sep 2005, updated 12 Nov. 2005

I have made the acquaintance of a lot of nice people since I wrote the book, Motoring in Spain.  Many have written to advise me of their problems which are unusual or simply because, as I pass on here, after being told by Mrs. M. Pritchard (sorry, no first name given) what to do if, as a resident here where Spain is your principal place of residence (183 days plus a year), you lose your UK driving licence and you have no certified copy.   It has been updated by Judi Robertson in November 2005 with the following info based on her experience.

 Contact the DVLA in Swansea, and ask for a Form/certificate D737, which is a certificate showing all the relevant details of your current driving licence.   As you cannot then get a new UK driving licence from the DVLA because they cannot put a Spanish address on it, you can use the supplied certificate to change it for a Spanish licence which is legal anywhere in the EU, and in the world with an International Driving Licence.

The phone number is (0044) 870 240 0009The web site

They are open for this service from 08H00 to 20H30 (8 am to 8:30 pm) Monday to Friday, and Saturday 08H00 to 17H30 (8 am to 5:30 pm).

The fee is 5.  You may pay with a credit card, namely Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard and Maestro.

Have your full personal details or driver number ready.  The DVLA will need to speak to the applying driver in person.

It has been confirmed by Trafico, Alicante that the certificate can be exchanged for a Spanish one.

Many thanks Mrs. Pritchard and Judi. 








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