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Problem.  Because there is no book shop near you that sells the book,

-- You need to have a book sent to you?

Often, due to the fact that many people needing the book live too far away from a bookshop that sells the book.  There is a list of these shops on this web-site.

But if you have this problem, you can easily have one sent directly to you by myself, in a padded envelope by post, Correos, within Spain, and I will pay the postage.

Correos has the facility where you can pay the book cost retail amount, currently 22, 95, into your local post office and it is immediately (about an hour) transferred through their computer systems to my local post office which is Marbella, Malaga. 

The system is called "Giro inmediato".  The commission cost for 22, 95 is about 1, 50 to 2, and it is the cheapest way of transferring cash as bank charges are often punitive.  In fact, recently a transfer of 1.000 to me cost only 9 using this Correos method described here.

You simply go to your local post office, taking a book or magazine with you for the usual queuing monotony, and ask for "un giro inmediato".  You will be given a small form to complete and you need to put my address on it:

Brian John Deller,

Urb. Playa de Arenal 94,

C/ Cervantes, Las Chapas,

Marbella 29604,

Malaga, SPAIN


The payment is available on the Correos system within about ten minutes.

You will be given a receipt which will havetwo numbers, one the serial number of the form, the other the release code, which is a mixture of letters and numbers.  When you have these details, let me know them, please, and I will go to the Marbella post office, wait for about 20 minutes or so watching the girls (well, I am only 70), collect the cash, write the address you have entered on the form as your own postal address, and place the book in the post box. 

Depending on where you live, you should receive it with four days of paying the Giro inmediato.


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