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Bi-Weekly Radio Show and Weekly Newspaper Articles.

For those who listen to the radio, the excellent station REM.FM is very popular, and I am invited by the well-known Mary Harboe for the "Villa Show" every second Tuesday, as their motoring correspondent, for a half-hour spot with news on motoring and also for listeners to phone in with their questions and comments.   Unless another guest does not show up, I start at about 14H15 (2:15 pm).  If there is a no-show, I may start earlier.

The FM frequencies are: -

 Costa del Sol East                Tarifa to Motril                                                  104.8

 Costa del Sol West               Tarifa to Calahonda                                           91.9

Costa Blanca                        Javea, Benidorm & Alicante                              88.2

Costa Blanca                        Elche, Torrevieja & Orihuela                            105.1

Costa Blanca                        Denia                                                                 95.3   

 Costa Calida                         La manga, Murcia & Mazarron                           92.7

Gran Canarias,                     Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma

                                             Gran Canaria.                                                   105

Costa de la Luz                                                                                              102.8           

Their web-site is

Mary Harboe with "yours truly".


I also write weekly articles for: - 

The Round Town News is distributed free on the Costa Blanca from Benidorm to Murcia and Almeria, and now the Gran Canarias.






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